Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Cards

This is basically a continuation of my first post. I'll describe two more cards here...

This one was a card for a very special friend of mine who loves playing basketball. I was initially daunted with the idea of making a masculine card, but loved the look of this one!

I traced the basketball player on the fluorescent paper(though doesn't look fluorescent in the photos and painted it black. Same with the stars. Next I pasted them on some thick paper to make them strong enough. For the raised effect, I used small bits of double sided tape (a single roll costs about Rs. 25 in our local stationary shop).

The amazing looks a bit shoddy, I know, as it is completely hand cut. But what to do. This person cannot afford the lovely alpha stickers everyone seems to have in abundance... :(

But still, I like the CAS (Clean and Simple) look of the card. Plus it was totally cheap to make! ;)

Moving on to the next card... made for a musically challenged male friend of mine!

Nothing much to say about the making of this one...again the letters are shoddy...but that's fate.

Here's a close up:

I gave the cards away day before yesterday...and the people were so touched! They all oohed and aahed over them. But I think the most important thing when you are making cards for people is not how superb it is, but rather the fact that you love and treasure them enough to do something for them...

I probably sound a bit sentimental right now, but we did have our school farewell day before yesterday...imagine bidding goodbye to a place you've considered a home foe these last 14 years...

But some good news right now... I became a finalist at the Itsy Bitsy Picture Inspiration Challenge ! For this:

This news is a bit heady for me... I mean this was the first ever challenge submission in my life!!! Beginner's luck illustrated!

So, I guess that's it for today and then some...HELP I got my exams coming!!!

Do comment below!

Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!


  1. Somdeepa congrats on your feature at Itsy Bitsy. And I dont think the letters look shoddy at all..infact hats off to you for such beautiful execution of a masculine card. Especially like the way the stars pop up and the photography

  2. Congrats Somdeepa ! your hand cut letters are cool than alpha stickers.. :) one make alternatives when they don't have them if you have alpha stickers then we would have missed your hand cut pieces... :)keep going make hand cut Backgrounds have fun.. Do well with your exam..

    1. You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me...thanking you from the bottom of my heart.


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