Thursday, May 01, 2014

Something New

It's still unbearably hot and sultry in Kolkata, and my days are passing in a sort of lotus-eater's dream, as I am just waiting for my exam results*shivers*. I fervently wish we get some rain, and SOON. Or else we'll all melt in the heat. Imagine the city being flooded by a river of liquid Kolkatans! Now I am even talking like a lotus eater. Do I sound high? ;)
Well, today I am sharing something that's totally a new and foreign thing to me, and this is my first attempt. Mixed Media. Yup, you heard it right. After the wonderful inspiration which Shilpa and Yvonne come up with practically on a daily basis, I guess I felt the *urge*. So, here it is for you to judge...

I was in a sort of crafty haze for a couple of hours. Bits of paper and splatters of paint flew randomly about. So I can't remember all the steps of the torture I inflicted on the piece of board! But I do remember making the torn script. I actually wrote nonsense on a page of an old diary I posses, tore it out and crumpled it a bit. But it bled when I adhered it to the board so I guess that's a lesson.  After that I just stencilled randomly with the lovely ones Deepti had sent my way...
Then my ma walked into the room and from her scandalised expression I think the sentiment just wrote itself in self defence.

So here's my first attempt at mixed media. I don't if I'll do it again but the entire process was so much fun! My style is CAS, but I must say that there is a certain pleasure in piling it all on!
Thanks for reading, and happy crafting!


  1. Yes, it sure looks like you really had fun making this. it's amazing really. Even I get that 'urge' whenever I see Shilpa and Yvonne's work, but just can't muster up enough courage to come up with something like this master piece :) Hope I do try it sometime too.

  2. Somdeepa, your first attempt to make mixed media is successful... and you enjoyed that too right? Its a good start. Texture and colors are lovely. I would like to see your work in mixed media more.. :)
    And thank you so much for amazing words and I am honoured to be mentioned as a part of your inspiration.

  3. The sentiment is fun Somadeepa !! loved your first mixed media project..

  4. Very nice. Art is what the heart brings forth for others to see. It is not always neat nor is it always orderly but it is special. It is who well all are. Very nice Somadeepa.

  5. superb!! First mixed media is Awesome Somdeepa.. would like to see more mixed media of yours.. :)


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